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SAE 841


A Bushing Designed For a Lifetime of Self Lubrication

Cast Bronze Bushings         


Oil Impregnated Bronze bushings are all self-lubricating and maintenance free.  Oil impregnated bronze bushings are manufactured through powder metallurgy. This process also gives the bushings pores that are

formed in the structure.  These pores are interconnected and serve as a reservoir for lubricant providing a passage for flow to the bushing surface. The flow of oil to the bushing surface from the reservoir in the

pores results from the slight increase in temperature, and the application of load when the shaft commences rotating.  With this rise in temperature, oil is forced out of the pores, as the volumetric expansion of

the oil is much greater than that of the metal.  When the rotation of the shaft stops, the oil is re-absorbed in the porous reservoir. 







Oil impregnated bronze bushings have been used in various applications for many years.  They are used in industries

including agricultural machinery,aircrafts, business machines, automotive, conveyors, cranes, appliances, generators,

hydraulics, machine tools, packaging machinery, and many more.