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Oil Impregnated Sintered Iron-Copper for Heavier Loads



BB-16 bearings are self-lubricating powdered metal bearing typically used for heavily loaded applications. This bearing material has excellent compressive strength, wearability and is shock resistant.

This bearing is heat treated to a spec of HRB 70 min. and oil impregnated with an extreme pressure oil.



Physical and Mechanical Properties for BB-16 Bearings

Density (gm per cu. cm) 6.0-6.5

Porosity (% oil by vol.) 18.0 min

"K" Strength Constant 62,000 psi

Elongation (% in one inch) 0.1

Tensile Strength (psi) 55,000

Yield Strength in Comp (psi) 50,000





BB-16 Bearings are commonly used in applications requiring a reliable bronze bearing. Applications include Off-road Equipment, Backhoes, Graders, Earth Moving Equipment,

Escalators, Automotive, Railroad applications, and other heavily loaded applications.