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Bu Steel Backed


Lubrication Free with Excellent Wear Resistance



In the 1960's Glacier of the UK invented the steel-backed, sintered-bronze PTFE lined DU bearing.  Like the DU bearings our BU bearings are also used in dry, semi lubricated enviroments.  It can substitute a

conventional bearing where saving space is desired.  The BU Steel Backed Bushing provides superior shock and impact load resistance. The Steel Backed PTFE Lined bushing maintains a low coefficient of

friction and is usable without lubrication at high load, low speed operations with  excellent wear resistance.  



It has a wide applicable temperature range from -319 degrees F to 518 degrees F. The thin walls and

lightweight construction enable a compact design of the product. 







The Steel Backed Bronze Bushing is used in a variety of applications in a number of industries.  Below are a few of the more common uses:


Automobiles: Suspension, Steering, Brake, Clutch, Transmission

Railroad Cars: Side Thrust Asorbers, Automatic Doors

Ships: Steering Linkages, Hatch Covers, Pulley Blocks

Aircraft: Control Linkage, Shock Asorbers, Actuator Valves, WInches

Hydraulic Systems: Rotary Actuator, Gear Pumps, Cylinders, Shock Asorbers, Lucas Hydraulic Pump, 

Printing: Offset Printer, Gravure Printer, Mail Printer, Automatic Ticket Bender, Automatic Book Binder

Food Processing: Bottling Machine, Bottle Washer, Automatic Bag Maker, Dairy Processors, Meat Choppers, Mixers

Textile Industry: Spinning frame, Yarn Twister, Jetlooms, Bobinoris, Sheet Roller, Winders