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Dri Plane


Dry Lubrication for High Temperature Applications



Dri-Plane bearings are the latest advancement in sintered bronze bearing technology.  The proprietary solid lubricant replaces the traditional oil based lubricant used in the standard oil impregnated bearings.  The solid lubricant allows for dry running, high and low temperature operation and a longer bearing life.
An added benefit of the elimination of oil is that dri-plane bearings can be used in applications that cannot be exposed to possible contamination.  Industries such as food processing, paper, medical, oven, and appliance manufacturers have been replacing unreliable plastic bearings with long lasting dri-plane sintered bronze bearings. 



Benefits High temperature - approximately 700°F. No oil for lubrication, therefore cleaner and no out gassing.

Temperature range: -50°F/+700°F








These bearings are used in applications such as food processing, paper manufacturing, and oven applications. Many user of dri-plane have sucessfully converted from plastic bearings to

dri-plane and as a result have reduced maintenance costs and improved bearing life drastically. Depending on your specific application, dri-plane bearings can be used as a replacement for the

more expensive graphite plugged product. This works well for applications with higher heat and lower loads. The dri-plane is similar to the graphite plugged product line in the way that it is self lubrication

and can operate in higher temperature enviroments.